ONE - An Exhibition of Art and Football by Otto Li

One Goal! One Dream! Everyone is hotly anticipating the worldwide football tournament in South Africa with swiss attractive watches replica tissot 32 national teams battling it out for championship glory. Local artist and devoted football fan Otto Li Tin Lun has combined football and art to create a fascinating tribute. This exhibition showcases his past artworks and new artworks with a football theme in a dream football field venue. Come and enter a new dimension where sports encounter art advanced fake breitling superocean watches.

One Goal! One Dream! 南非已成為全球足球迷注視的地方﹗為期一個月的足球盛事,三十二支國家隊伍向著同一目標進發,足球場上風起雲湧。擅以像素化手法創作的香港藝術家李天倫,愛足球和藝術創作,將兩者結合並起了化學作用,創作出多件個人風格強烈的藝術品,引領觀眾昂然走進藝術家的足球國度。是次展覽,除展出藝術家多年來以足球為主題的代表作,更會展出多件從未曝光的作品,展場更會化身為足球場,讓藝術與熾的比賽氣氛充斥OC Gallery。