Charming Experience- Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue Exhibition Series IV

Date: 20 Feb - 19 Apr 2009

2009.02.20 – 04.19
Contemporary Hong Kong Art Gallery (2/F)

Guest Curator: Ms Grace Cheng

Currently works as an independent curator and the Director of Art in Hospital, Grace Cheng was the Exhibition Manager of the Hong Kong Arts Centre from 2001 to 2005. She has been curating and presenting exhibitions and different art projects showing the diversity of her interests.

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"Charming Experience" will provide a unique museum-going experience for audiences. This premise of this exhibition is that a true appreciation of Art can be achieved through experiencing the synergy of Artwork, Environment and Audience alike. By way of introduction, imagine this exhibit as satisfying the individuals pursuit of moments in daily life when one truly appreciates being alive and enjoying copy omega speedmaster watches for drivers life for its own sake. The exhibition invites everybody, literally every "body", of different ages, education, race, gender, background and abilities to participate in this experience.

Designed to challenge the concept of displaying and viewing art in an exhibition setting, some of the artworks in this exhibition will provide an anticipative audience with the opportunity to grasp the fundamental inner essence of the artwork through tactile and direct participatory experience.

The exhibitions design for the viewer is two-fold: participation and experience. Through an exchange of ideas, questions and answers, and most importantly through audience participation, the exhibition fully blossoms. Not merely the presentation of art, it offers a living community-related art experience. The interlaying relationships within the exhibition serve as starting points that raise the conventional sense of a museum experience to a new level and will hopefully inspire a pleasant experience of art for the community.

Local artists working in various media were invited to contribute artworks that defy conventional ways of viewing art through interactive means. Planned for the fine replica iwc watches for sale exhibition is a series of workshops offered by the artists that feature interactive activities and guided tours.

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