Conforming to Vicinity - A Cross-strait four-region Artistic Exchange Project 2014 (Macau)

The He Xiang Ning Art Museum of Shenzhen started planning the Cross-strait Four-region Artistic Exchange Project in 2008, with this year marking the sixth anniversary of the event. Throughout the years, some 100 Mainland China, Macao, Taiwan and Hong Kong artists have participated in the project. The Museum has successively co-operated with nine art institutes in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, gradually  buy luxury copy rolex watches establishing a stable platform for the artistic exchange of the Cross-strait four areas. şişli escort

The 6th Cross-Strait Four Regions Artistic Exchange Project - themed ‘Conforming to Vicinity’ - employs a new type of exhibition to understand and display the exchange relationship between the Cross-strait four areas. The art works will be itinerantly exhibited in the Cross-strait four areas, while participating artists will start creating and exhibiting their works in the first stop of Macao. When the artists travel to the next stop, Taiwan, they will extend and add elements to their works. This will continue when they travel to Shenzhen and Hong Kong. They will have completed their creation as such once the exhibition has toured all four areas. ümraniye escort

For each creation and extension artists are required to create according to each cultural habitat in the region and comprehend the local circumstances. Thus, the work must carry the trace of recognition throughout the four places. In addition, exhibition-goers are expected to understand the whole process that artists experience in completing their works. The process is, in fact, a part of the creation. Exhibition-goers can thus experience that creation and exhibition are not defined by fixed modes. It has infinite possibilities.

The exchange project this year is hosted by He Xiang Ning Art Museum of Shenzhen, Macao Museum of Art, Pingtung Art Museum and University Museum and Art Gallery, and the University of Hong Kong. The main curator is Feng Boyi, and the curators of the four areas are: Noah Ng Fong Chao (Macao), Hsu Wan-chen (Taiwan), Gou Xianxu (Shenzhen) and Ng Sau Wah (Hong Kong). We have invited 13 artists – namely, Carol Kwok, Bonnie Leong Mou Cheng, Kitty Leung Mou Kit, Eric Fok, Lee Ken-tsai, Kuo Hui-chan, Chao Liu; Ma Yongfeng, Zhang Wenchao, Chen Wei, Otto Li, Keith Lam and Hung Keung from the Cross-strait four areas - to participate in the exhibition.

The works will showcase not only the Cross-strait four areas artists’ understanding and recognition of the four  fashion replica piaget watches uk regions but display the adjustments and conflicts of different modern social structures and values arising from historical ataköy escort differences. Participating contemporary art works include: installation arts, video arts, performing arts video, paintings and photographs.

The dates and locations of this exhibition tour are as follows:

Macao: Macao Museum of Art (26th March 2014 to 27th April 2014)
Taiwan: Pingtung Art Museum (16th May 2014 to 6th July 2014)
Shenzhen: He Xiang Ning Art Museum (26th July 2014 to 26th October 2014)
Hong Kong: University Museum and Art Gallery, University of Hong Kong (14th November 2014 to 1st February 2015)