Data Gaga

Wikitopia is the first festival on collaborative future in Hong Kong initiated by Videotage since 2010. The festival aims to act as the pivotal point for artists, ICT personnel, media activists, curators, writers, thinkers and any curious minds to exchange insight and knowledge through a diverse range of programmes in town.

This year, Wikitopia’s theme Data Gaga focuses on data as art, network technology, and the collaborative creativity of the ‘Makers’ Culture. We also expand the festival to a five-month programme from September 2012 - January 2013, including workshops, exhibition, performance, artist forum, screenings, panel, and many others.

Data Gaga is a series of distributed events that focuses on data as art, network technology and collaborative creativity. Detoured from the common exhibition practice of showcasing individual works, Data Gaga is a distributed realisation of concepts.

文化祭是各種專業知識交流的中樞,以連串廣泛活動,雲集藝術家、信息及通訊技術(ICT) 人員、網絡活躍份子、策展人、作家、思想和其他好奇之士。



Exhibition date: 19-29/10/2012 10am-8pm
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer, Tsim Sha Tsui