The Art of CUHK 2012

CUHK Fine Arts, Fine Arts that belongs to this unique land, have gathered all kinds of interesting thoughts. Through learning and experiencing, negotiating and cooperating, we have strived to create independent Artworks which belongs to CUHK, we hope to showcase every single trials of us in “The Art of CUHK 2012" exhibition. "The Art of CUHK 2012” exhibition is going to be held on the 2nd of June till the 28th of June. The following exhibitions are included: graduation exhibition - <zung>, postgraduation exhibition, annual exhibition of CUHK Fine Arts Department, invitational exhibition of the faculty of the New Media of Taipei National University of the Arts. "The Art of CUHK 2012" exhibition has involved the hard works of all students of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Apart from the exhibition, we will also hold talks and publish booklets, demonstrating our hard works to the public, aiming to share and exchange thoughts. The opening ceremony will be held at 3 pm on the 2nd of June in the West Wing of the Art Museum, Institute of Chinese Studies.

中大藝術,是屬於這片山頭的藝術。這裡容納了各式各樣有趣的想法,經過學習與實踐,討論與合作,成就真正屬於自己、屬於中大的藝術,「中大藝術2012」,希望能展現這年間每一個實驗性的嘗試。 「中 大藝術2012」將於6月2日至6月28日舉行,展覽包括本科生畢業展:《中》、研究生畢業展、藝術系系展及國立臺北藝術大 學新媒體藝術邀請展。「中大藝術」除了是全系同學籌劃並參與的展覽外,亦設有座談會及刊物出版,希望與公眾分享我們共同努力的成果,並促進彼此間的交流, 開幕典禮將於6月2日下午3時假文物館西翼舉行。