Conforming to Vicinity - A Cross-strait four-region Artistic Exchange Project 2014 (Taiwan) 2014.05.01 The sixth Cross-Strait Four Regions Artistic Exchange Project takes “Conforming to Vicinity” as its theme, presenting the relationships of exchange between the cultural environments of these four regions. “Conforming to Vicinity” implies that as a part of this artistic exchange, the artists of these different regions will engage in “on-the-spot creation and exhibition” of their differing understandings, judgments and imaginations of the histories, memories and realities of these regions scattered across the straits. şişli escort Beginning with the exhibition premier in Macao, the artists will draw from their past creative concepts, experiences and mediums to constantly expand and evolve their exhibition artworks based on the cultural traits and their perceptions of the different regions, creating a domino effect where the artworks will maintain their basic conceptual threads while picking up traces of each region. It is hoped that this exhibition will allow audiences to understand the entire process of artistic conception and creation to see that there is no set form for the creation and exhibition of art, while artistic expression enjoys limitless possibilities.Jointly organised by the University Museum and Art Gallery of The University of Hong Kong (UMAG), the Macao Museum of Art under the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the He Xiangning Art Museum and the Pingtung Art Museum, “Conforming to Vicinity – A Cross-Strait Four-Region Artistic Exchange Project 2014” will showcase the latest artworks by thirteen artists from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China. Taiwan will be coming up as the second stop of this touring exhibition. ümraniye escort The artworks will go on display from the 16 May until 6 July at Pingtung Art Museum. Buying luxury replica watches ca with both low price and high quality at our online store. Where can you buy aaa quality Fake Rolex Watches Outlet? Our Swiss fake watches online store can be a good choice. best quality Breitling Replica Canada with Swiss movements are worth having.Exhibition: Conforming to Vicinity – A Cross-Strait Four-Region Artistic Exchange Project 2014 (Taiwan stop)Exhibition Period: 16 May 2014 (Friday) – 6 July 2014 (Sunday)Opening Hours: 09:00 to 17:30 (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays); 09:00 to 21:00 (Fridays); Closed on MondaysVenue: Pingtung Art Museum - No.74, Zhongzheng Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, TaiwanFor details of the exhibition in Pingtung, please contact: (886) 8 738 0728   şişli escort ümraniye escort ataköy escort bakirköy escort mecidiyeköy escort istanbul escort taksim escort beşiktaş escort beylikdüzü escort ataşehir escort kadiköy escort bishkek escorts tuzla escort şişli escort ümraniye escort sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop


Profile Picture Otto, Li Tin-Lun
"I'm watching pixel rather than seeing the real world… everyday." Otto (b.1980) is a visual artist born and based in Hong Kong. With an intense interest in digital image & its processing technology, his research topics mainly explore the connection between virtuality and reality in our
şişli escort daily life. His works lies between traditional visual art practice and with a growing tension to new media art technique. Through the use of digital tools,Replica Handbagshis recent works interpret various ways of generating images of the new media and explores the possibility of a translation between different media; thus resetting our perception towards looking at images.
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