Li Tin Lun

Otto Li's works focus on exploring the nexus between virtuality and reality owing to his years of experience as a concept artist in the CGI animation industry. By reconstructing images with collective data in the forms of sculpture, virtual modeling, digital drawings and interactive installation, he embraces the possibilities of interpreting and re-interpreting visual data and translation between various media, as well as of reflecting our relationship with the nature of space, time, media, technology and our senses. In 2016, he received the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship to explore cities, landscapes and environment in different parts of the world and seized the opportunity to collect sounds for his ongoing series of "Soundscape". The series has been met with great popularity, with artworks created on commission basis for international corporations, shown in multiple public locations including Hong Kong and London, and acquired for private and public collections worldwide. His artworks have been presented in exhibitions held at the Saatchi Gallery (London), CAFA Art Museum (Beijing), MoCA Shanghai (Shanghai), The Hong Kong Museum of Art, etc.

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